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Gentle Struggle Brings Victory

hunyaA visit to a small bookstore in the town of Chia-Yi was included in our Taiwan tour program. Initially, we expected to buy some books there, which we later understood was not the reason. Upon our arrival, we were hospitably greeted by a modest young man named Yu Guo-xin.

He gives out all information and news about Taiwan and its history to locals and foreigners through books, and discusses historically significant books with his readers. The activity then expanded extensively for 10 years to what is now a Book Readers’ Club.

The point of this is that since opening his first small bookstore in a busy street at the age of 21, the man said he has achieved a good deal of success. Rather than his appearance, it was his devoted passion to protect and preserve his home country, its history, culture and tradition that captivated us. This made me wonder, at the time, why can’t we Mongolians do the same struggle. “Gentle Struggle Brings Victory” -ийг үргэлжлүүлэн унш