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Chingis khaani tursun udurI was very surprised. I clearly remember that in 2006 we celebrated the 800th anniversary of The Great Mongolian Emipre established by Chinggis Khaan. This was the first time. Recently we had a chance to see Chinggis Khaan’s Birthday anniversary while we were touring in Taiwan.

While wandering what to see, we arrived at one of the nicest and the most expensive hotels in Taipei where there was a big crowd.  It seemed that it’s going to be a big event as lots of offerings, burning incense, lightening candles placed in front of Chinese writing.

It was pretty suprising to listen someone speaking in Mongolian. They were really Mongolians. I was happy to meet Mongoliain and speak my own language while visiting different country. There was also Minister Ulaan, a high official. Although he was on different business, he wanted to see the Chinggis Khaan’s birthday anniversary.

The ceremony started soon. One Taiwanese person expressed his gratitude for people who have been organizing the ceremony and took a bow three times in front of the offering. It’s such a unusual thing. I came here all the way from Mongolia and celebrating Chinggis Khan’s birthday in different country. Taiwanese have been viewing Chinggis Khan as also their king and showing great honor to him. Therefore, they believe that May 4 is when Chinggis Khan was born and celebrate it on this day every year.

The ceremony held both in Mongolian and in their own languages after they found out that 40  Mongolians are taking part including journalists from Nomadgreen and prosecutors. A Taiwanese and a Inner Mongolian dressed in deel (Traditional Mongolian clothes) and said the following “Mongolians who were known as nomads gathered on the island of Taiwan and ended a ceremony by offering vodka, beautiful flowers, and insense to the Great King Chinggis” and praised him. They also mentioned about Chinggis Khan’s orders and teachings.

They replaced the poster that has Chinese writing on with old Mongolian letter one just  before the ceremony had started. It says “ Great Chinggis Khan’s ceremony of offering. After a while a melody of pioneer song “All many children” was started to play in the hall which our parents used to sing as kids. While I was trying to figure out what song it was, several singers showed up and started to sing it in Chinese. I thought why they are singing this song on this special day.Тайванчууд Чингис хааны төрсөн өдрийг тэмдэглэж буй нь

Ulaan, a minister accompanied by a group of musicians and dancers. They performed one of the Mongolian dance as well as contortions.

Mongolians proudly call themselves “The descendents of blue spotted Chinggis Khan” , frankly we are ruining his reputation. You barely find things that haven’t got Chinggis khaan’s picture or name on it. There are vodka, airport, hotel and restaurant all named after Chinggis. Perhaps soon there will be sauna, hair dresser and cafe named after Chinggis too. These are ridiculous but true.

Myself, I have never celebrated Chinggis Khan’s birthday. However, I was little bit jealous at Taiwanese. We are the real descendents of Chinggis Khan but why don’t we celebrate his birthday every year. Truly, what he done is enormous and he deserved it. It doesn’t have to be a big festival. It can be a small ceremony when we offer flowers to the monument. This is one of the thought I bore in mind when I came back. It was interesting and unusual birthday.

(Written by Gantsatsral / Translated by Odontuya Tsetseg /Proofread by Portnoy)

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