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Gentle Struggle Brings Victory

hunyaA visit to a small bookstore in the town of Chia-Yi was included in our Taiwan tour program. Initially, we expected to buy some books there, which we later understood was not the reason. Upon our arrival, we were hospitably greeted by a modest young man named Yu Guo-xin.

He gives out all information and news about Taiwan and its history to locals and foreigners through books, and discusses historically significant books with his readers. The activity then expanded extensively for 10 years to what is now a Book Readers’ Club.

The point of this is that since opening his first small bookstore in a busy street at the age of 21, the man said he has achieved a good deal of success. Rather than his appearance, it was his devoted passion to protect and preserve his home country, its history, culture and tradition that captivated us. This made me wonder, at the time, why can’t we Mongolians do the same struggle. “Gentle Struggle Brings Victory” -ийг үргэлжлүүлэн унш

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My Story of “A Glass of Water”


Tsatsraa-shuu4I would like to share a story with NomadGreen citizen journalists which happened to me seven years ago. Every time I think about this story, I become thoughtful and sad. I have never told this story to anyone before and today I decided to share it with all of you.

We were second grade journalist students at The National University of Mongolia and used to live in a campus. It was the beginning of spring and exams had started. I was waiting my classmate in the waiting room of the campus to go to the library. The student campus has strict rules. Not everyone is allowed to enter the campus. There is only this head sized small window for guests to call who they would like to see. “My Story of “A Glass of Water”” -ийг үргэлжлүүлэн унш

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Chingis khaani tursun udurI was very surprised. I clearly remember that in 2006 we celebrated the 800th anniversary of The Great Mongolian Emipre established by Chinggis Khaan. This was the first time. Recently we had a chance to see Chinggis Khaan’s Birthday anniversary while we were touring in Taiwan.

While wandering what to see, we arrived at one of the nicest and the most expensive hotels in Taipei where there was a big crowd.  It seemed that it’s going to be a big event as lots of offerings, burning incense, lightening candles placed in front of Chinese writing.

It was pretty suprising to listen someone speaking in Mongolian. They were really Mongolians. I was happy to meet Mongoliain and speak my own language while visiting different country. There was also Minister Ulaan, a high official. Although he was on different business, he wanted to see the Chinggis Khaan’s birthday anniversary. “CHINGGIS KHAAN’S BIRTHDAY IN TAIWAN” -ийг үргэлжлүүлэн унш

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People who are segregated

I continue writing about the trip in Taiwan. There is a common thought here in Mongolia that everyone from South is Chinese.  We have arrived in an island where people have the same thought.

But every time you could easily notice there are big cultural differences between China and Taiwan.  Even the language is so different. There are 14 ethnic groups in Taiwan like we have in Mongolia.  Especially Taiwanese indigenous who have lived here for hundreds of years still exist. Unfortunately, my Taiwanese friends told me that there are few of them left and their life is not very good.  This trip is completely different from one you would normally take. Besides visiting the country’s beautiful and historical sights, it was more meaningful to experience the real life and social situation. Frankly 10 days weren’t enough time to understand how many human right issues there are and pretty limited freedom even in a developed country. Nine citizen journalists visited a village called San-Ying where the poorest people live. “People who are segregated” -ийг үргэлжлүүлэн унш